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Cocoa Mocha Protein Bar - Case of 12

6 reviews

We have good taste when it comes to nutrition on the go. 

Enrobed in rich dark chocolate, our Cocoa Mocha Protein Bars supply you with 10g of plant-based protein, 7g of fiber, 7g net carbs – with only 3 grams total sugars = the easiest way to score a nutrition win.

You’ll also love what we didn’t include — no dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or GMOs: With flavor like this, you won’t miss any of it.

Cocoa Mocha Protein Bars are a macronutrient-balanced mini-meal that contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Fortified with the energy-supportive nutrients, carnitine and CoQ10 – one of the body's most critical antioxidants.

The primary ingredients in Cocoa Mocha Protein Bars include a plant-based protein blend (Pea Protein and Hemp Protein), prebiotic fiber (Inulin), Sunflower Seed Butter, Cocoa Butter, Unsweetened Chocolate, Instant Coffee, and Cocoa Powder.

The perfect choice for a mini-meal on the go or as pre/post workout nourishment.


Cocoa Mocha Protein Bars are the perfect pairing of chocolate and coffee. Every bar is sweetened with allulose and has 7g of plant-based fiber with a host of health benefits. That’s nearly a third of your recommended daily fiber intake in just one yummy treat!

So Much To Love

Give your belly some love

Promote digestion with the prebiotic power of inulin.

Energy support

Protein builds muscle, plus carnitine and CoQ10 for pre/post workout nourishment.

Safe for us strong, sensitive types

No whey/dairy or common allergens = unlikely to cause gut discomfort, or bloating.



Each bar gives you a blend of low-allergen plant-based proteins to help build muscle, cartilage, and ligaments.

Support your gut health with dietary fiber.

Fuel your body with fats from sunflower seed butter and cocoa butter.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Reignite Wellness™

Paleo Brownie Protein Bar

67 reviews

We have good taste when it comes to convenient nutrition. 

Enrobed in rich dark chocolate with a chewy texture, our Paleo Brownie Protein Bars supply you with 10g of Paleo protein, 8g of fiber, 8g net carbs – with only 4 grams total sugars = the easiest way to score a nutrition win.

You’ll also love what we didn’t include — no dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or GMOs: With flavor like this, you won’t miss any of it.

12 bars per case.

Paleo Brownie Protein Bars are a high fiber, micronutrient dense mini-meal that features the highest quality Swedish bovine bone broth protein isolate with 70% collagen peptides.

Whether you spend hours at the gym or life is your playground, getting plenty of protein is vital to help promote fat metabolism, and for strengthening your muscles.

The primary ingredients in Paleo Brownie Protein Bars include a Paleo protein blend (bone broth protein isolate, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein), unsweetened chocolate, sunflower seed butter, and natural cocoa powder.

The perfect choice for a mini-meal on the go or as pre/post workout nourishment.

Paleo Brownie Protein Bar

Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 6 Reviews
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Katrina B.
United States United States
Mocha bars

I’m personally not as excited as I used to be with these bars! Not sure if recipe was altered but I’m not a fan anymore! Not a dig on the product, it’s just not my bar anymore!

Pam G.
United States United States
cocoa mocha bar

This tastes almost just like the brownie bar to me. I'm not sure that I would notice the coffee taste if I didn't know it was there. That said, they are still good! They are like a caramel consistency with a chocolate shell. They are very chocolaty (is that a word?) and sometimes I will cut off a small piece and eat it to head off a craving! I like these and the brownie protein bars equally!

David C.
United States United States
Protein Bars

It' a decent bar. Just the right size. Not sweet which is a good thing. I like that you can have one once in a while. I use them as my back up food when I am traveling.

Kendra B.
United States United States
Great combo: Chocolate and Coffee!

These bars are so smooth and tasty! They satisfy my 2 foremost cravings: Chocolate and Coffee, and they are actually good for me too! Amazing!!

Laura D.
United States United States
Cocoa Mocha Protein Bar

I do not like this item. It is a very poor replacement for the Dark Chocolate Mocha All-in-One Protein bars. I have been eating those for at least 4 years as a meal replacement bar. They were full of great taste with just the right amount of sweetness and had great substance which filled me up. I try to stay on a paleo type diet and these were perfect. The new bars have no substance and very little taste. There is no sweetness and the plant based flavor is terrible. If you want to offer plant based options, I really wish you would offer your new bars, but also bring back the old paleo meal replacement bars so we have a choice. It's just a shame for all the dedicated customers you have to your products to now have to find a new company to buy our healthy products from after trusting JJ ****** to bring us the best quality and flavor. I really hope you consider offering both the new and the old option.

Q: What is Allulose?

It looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, but doesn't behave like sugar in your body! Found naturally in figs, raisins, jackfruit, and maple syrup – allulose is a plant-based sweetener that has been long used overseas but is relatively new to the states.

Allulose is not artificial sugar. Even though allulose has a chemical structure similar to other sugars, our bodies don't metabolize it the same way!

It's classified as a "rare sugar" and has none of the unpleasant GI issues associated with other sweeteners – with 1/10th the calories of sugar and NO aftertaste like other sugar substitutes!

And the good news doesn’t end there! From jump-starting weight loss and decreasing the risk of fatty liver disease to helping balance blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, preliminary research shows that allulose holds excellent promise.

Q: What does “Net Carbs” mean?

Because allulose is technically a sugar (and bears the suffix “-ose”), the FDA requires allulose to be listed as part of the Total Carbohydrate on food labels, but not as a sugar, and thus does not contribute to the “Net Carbohydrates” when considering its dietary impact. Allulose is not metabolized by the body and has a glycemic impact of zero. It’s important to understand this in order to read nutrition labels in this context and know that products containing allulose fit perfectly into a healthy keto or low-sugar lifestyle.

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