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Reignite Wellness™

ProBio Protect™


Two types of robust immune support, one cute capsule.

We took spore-based probiotics — microscopic organisms that can withstand stomach acid. Next, we added immune legends vitamin C, zinc, and chloroplast extract from organic spinach.*

Credit where credit is due. Nearly 70% of your immune system happens within your GI tract’s diverse bacteria colonies.

ProBio Protect™’s spore-based probiotics have a hard protein shell, allowing them to survive all the way to the small intestine. From there, they produce enzymes, vitamins, and carotenoids for healthy immune function.*

Since we go all out on immune health, we added highly-concentrated nutrients for added immune love.*

  • 75mg Vitamin C
  • 20mg Zinc
  • 100mg Spinach Leaf Extract
  • 12.5 mg (1 Billion CFU) Bacillus Coagulans
  • 4.2 mg (1 Billion CFU) Bacillus Clausii
  • 4.2 mg (1 Billion CFU) Bacillus Subtilis

Take one capsule per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Spore-forming bacilli are resistant to heat and ambient humidity, thus no refrigeration is required.


ProBio Protect is our most comprehensive immune support probiotic available — a synergistic combo of spore-based probiotics and nutrients to support immune system health and wonderful wellbeing.*

Probiotics Look Good On You


Probiotics create enzymes, vitamins, and carotenoids necessary for immune health.*


Gut health and immune support in one simple supplement.*


Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber shown to promote healthy immune function and immune cell activity.*



ProBio Protect™ is a trio of Bacillus strains shown to support immune health.* The science behind why it works: Spore-forming probiotics are protected by a hard protein shell and occur naturally in dirt and vegetation. This outer shell makes spore-based probiotics extra durable.
Vitamin C and Zinc are our science team’s nutrient picks for healthy immune function.* The science behind why it works: The famed antioxidant Vitamin C only comes from diet or supplementation. Zinc has a hand in virtually every aspect of immune function. Its star power shines in the thymus, where immune cells mature.
Highly-concentrated extract of organic spinach for antioxidants that counteract free radical damage.* The science behind why it works: Solarplast® is uniquely formulated to isolate, enhance the absorption of, and preserve high concentrations of chloroplasts (plant compounds that convert light to energy) from dark leafy greens.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Reignite Wellness™

Microbiome Balance

12 reviews

Studies show that microbial diversity is essential for smooth digestion, ability to absorb nutrients — and a powerful ideal immune health ally.* Microbiome Balance is a blend of prebiotics and probiotics in a dairy-free formula.

The more “good” bacteria, the merrier, steering you from digestive distress like bloating, food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, and allergies.

But before any of that can happen, prebiotics are necessary for those billions of beneficial bacteria to grow inside the GI tract.

Microbiome Balance’s 5 million CFU of probiotics and a blend of four carefully selected prebiotic strains do the trick.

The primary ingredients in Microbiome Balance are a proprietary blend of prebiotics and probiotics.

Clinically-tested. Each batch triple-verified for efficacy. If anything doesn’t pass, we don’t sell it.

Take one capsule per day with any meal for maximum gut goodness.
Microbiome Balance

Q: What is ProBio Protect?

Reignite Wellness™ ProBio Protect is an exceptionally high-quality blend of probiotics and antioxidants that are ideal for:

  • Comprehensive support for optimal immune health*
  • Supporting normal inflammatory response*
  • Increasing natural energy production*
  • Promoting the body’s repair mechanisms to help support healthy aging*
  • Helping spark energy production to support metabolic processes*
  • Promoting healthy immune function and immune cell activity*
Q: Does ProBio Protect need refrigeration?

Spore-forming bacilli are resistant to heat and ambient humidity, thus no refrigeration is required.