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Reignite Wellness™

Daily Essentials Multi + Omegas

Formerly Daily Essentials Pack

5 reviews

There’s no need to count, sort, or measure because all of your foundational vitamins and minerals are right here. Our Daily Essentials Packets are carefully curated by our wellness team so you can easily harness the science of self-care day in and day out.

Every packet of Daily Essentials Multi + Omegas contains nutrients that go beyond the minimum recommendations to give you the very best daily dose. Here’s why…

Most commercial vitamins offer only the bare minimum USDA recommendations. However, those levels are based on what a person needs to simply survive – they’re not enough to truly thrive.

Every packet comes with 4 capsules of high-potency Complete Daily Multi Capsules, concentrated phytonutrients, and 2 Omega Plus Fish Oil Softgels, a superior source of bioavailable omega-3s. Putting them together in a single, convenient pack makes it easy to ensure you don’t miss a single day of great health.
Take one packet per day.



Your daily essential vitamins and minerals are right here.*


A highly potent, nonGMO fish oil in their natural triglyceride form.*


Just grab a packet and be on your healthy way.*



Thoughtfully made, perfectly paired. This formula goes above and beyond again with vitamin E isomers, annatto-E, and multiple forms of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin B-6.*

Numerous studies prove that it’s necessary to take vitamin D with vitamin K to reap benefits like healthy immune function,* you can bet we included this power duo too.*

If you want to support your immune health and protect against cellular damage, Vitamin E Isomers (as gamma and delta tocotrienols), are your new best friend.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Reignite Wellness™


We’ve taken the time-tested powers of silver, and applied cutting-edge science to create an immune-support powerhouse.*

Silver’s been a potent immune supporter for centuries.* Silver Spray is completely distinct from traditional colloidal (ionic) silvers of the past, with many important chemical, physical, and vibrational differences separating it far beyond other forms available.

In fact, while no other liquid silver antimicrobial product had received a patent for over 80 years, a US patent was issued in 2006 for this silver composition.

Silver Spray™ can help provide powerful immune support day in and day out.*

Silver Spray™ uses infinitely smaller silver nanoparticles than colloidal and ionic silver brands. These immune supporters are so tiny that they can enter a single red blood cell, zipping around even your smallest capillaries in every inch of your body.* The result? You, at your best.

No additives or preservatives. Silver Spray™ starts with 75 mcg of Purified Silver combined with Purified water.
Take 5 mL (approx. 6 sprays) per day.

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Vicki P.
United States United States
Daily vitamins

I’ve take a daily multivitamin for years but added omegas. I like using these because it’s all together and it meets my need. Simple - open the pack. Yet the new order the tear strip does not work quite yet as well! Love the multi packs!

A JJ Virgin Store Customer
IreAnne C.
United States United States
Perfect MultiVitamin Pack

I’ve used the daily essentials for months and it’s the only multi vitamin I’ve been able to keep in my program because I like them prepackaged so all I have to do is drop one in my pocket, purse, lunch if I’m on the run. I love ALL of JJs products because I know they are without any of the foods that cause intolerance.

William P.
United States United States
Thank you for this quality

Thank you for this quality Multivitamin with omega-3. I'm very happy.

Kristin R.
The Only Multi that Meets My Quality Guidelines

I want to say thank you because the multi-vitamins in your Daily Essentials Packets are the ONLY multi-vitamins I have found that meet all of my personal selection and quality guidelines, and are tolerable in light of my many allergies and food intolerances. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lily M.
Excellent Quality

I saved my bottle of vitamins (from the health food store) to compare to JJ ******'s. WOW! No comparison. JJ ******'s has so much more of everything, plus the Daily Essentials Packets also contain fish oil capsules. Excellent quality and great job!

Q: How do I take them?

As a dietary supplement, take one Daily Essentials Packet per day with a meal that contains fat. (The health-promoting omega-3s in each packet can enter your system much more easily when taken along with other fats.)

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