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JJ Virgin's

Miracle Mindset Academy

Online Course

(Access for one year)

$247 $497

Miracle Mindset Academy is ideal for:

  • Creating a strong, positive mindset
  • Handling life’s challenges without anxiety
  • Ending procrastination and perfectionism
  • Making decisions quickly and confidently
  • Taking concrete steps toward your biggest goals
  • Finding a resilient, supportive community
  • Self-paced learning for a healthier, more focused life
  • Transforming into the happiest, healthiest version of yourself

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Description Reviews

“It was fabulous! In my opinion, it is JJ Virgin's best program. I highly recommend it. If I would have been charged a couple of $1000s, I still would have thought it was well worth it. Yes, it is for anyone. I don't think you will regret it.” ~ Ann C.*

“The resources, tools, lessons, and the Miracle Mindset community have given me a boost so I know that I can go after and achieve my greater self. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of this very supportive community. It has elevated me to a higher level of functioning, and I can see the growth will keep on coming.”   ~ Margaret B.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, unsure how to make progress toward the goals that matter most? Changing your mindset is the first step in transforming your life, and Miracle Mindset Academy gives you all the resources and support you need.

Don’t wish it was easier – make yourself stronger! Challenges will always come, whether it’s a scary medical diagnosis, a difficult relationship, or an unexpected financial loss. The goal of Miracle Mindset Academy isn’t to “fix” your life by preventing any future problems. It’s to give you the tools and outlook you need to meet anything that comes your way with strength and positivity.

Miracle Mindset Academy includes:

  • Self-assessments to measure and improve your mindset
  • Mindset hacks so you can shift your outlook in moments
  • 7 pillar lessons from JJ that are accessible and easy to apply
  • 50+ videos and hands-on exercises from top mindset experts
  • Recorded coaching and collaboration calls to answer your questions
  • Tracking tools to help you set goals and monitor your progress
  • Bonus access to an incredible, nurturing community
  • Health, diet & exercise resources (because your health HAS to come first)
  • Amazing content from thought leaders in finances, avocation, and relationships

It’s time to leave behind your fear and anxiety as you learn to perform mindset CPR. In Miracle Mindset Academy, you’ll find out how to live with Courage, Purpose, and Resilience. Instead of being ruled by panic, you’ll learn how to lean into your fear and let it move you forward toward your biggest goals for your health, finances, relationships, and calling.

No more procrastination and perfectionism. Procrastination and perfectionism are best friends, working together to keep you from feeling confident and fulfilled. With Miracle Mindset Academy, you’ll learn how to banish them both with straightforward, practical tools and advice from world-renowned experts who live it and teach it every single day. Time to make decisions and see real progress!

When your outlook is strong and positive, new opportunities instantly open up. You don't need good luck or great organizational skills – you just need a resilient, courageous mindset. Fortunately, mindset is like a muscle: it can grow stronger and more powerful with the right training. Miracle Mindset Academy offers you the simple lessons, video exercises, and helpful support you need to face your challenges with clarity and confidence from Day One.

Spend time with world-renowned experts and a kind, compassionate community. You won’t find a more accomplished, understanding faculty than Miracle Mindset Academy coaches. As a free bonus, you’ll also receive access to our exclusive online community, where you’ll get daily encouragement, help reframing your challenges, and accountability partners in your journey. This is the missing piece in other programs that will help keep you focused and hopeful.

The program is online and self-paced, so it always fits your schedule and needs. Miracle Mindset Academy was designed for real life. There’s no such thing as falling behind or being left out. 

It only takes minutes a day to incorporate what you’re learning into your life, and the results are immediate and powerful. Lessons are designed to work for a variety of learning styles, and all our previous coaching calls are available as replays so you can grow at your own pace.

It’s time to believe in what’s possible: an unbreakable, hopeful mindset is the key to achieving your dreams in every part of your life. From stage 4 cancer to bankruptcy, impending divorce and late-life career changes, Miracle Mindset Academy members have found the resilience and hope to stay grateful and positive in the face of huge obstacles. You can too.

“My daughter recently was hospitalized with a blood infection, kidney issues, and diabetes. I immediately thought of you and what you said about eating healthy and keeping yourself healthy so you could be 110% there for your son’s recovery, so I jumped into that mindset for my daughter ❤️Thank you ❤️” ~ Brenda S.*

Miracle Mindset Academy FAQs

FAQ: What is Miracle Mindset Academy?

Miracle Mindset Academy is a self-paced online program that gives you the tools, advice, and support you need to grow a strong, positive mindset. The program is ideal for:

  • Creating a strong, positive mindset
  • Handling life’s challenges without anxiety
  • Ending procrastination and perfectionism
  • Making decisions quickly and confidently
  • Taking concrete steps toward your biggest goals
  • Finding a resilient, supportive community

FAQ: How much time do I need to follow the program successfully?

Miracle Mindset Academy was created with your busy, unpredictable schedule in mind. You don’t need hours of free time every day – just a few focused minutes and the willingness to apply what you’re learning.

Like anything worth having in life, building a more resilient mindset takes some work. But you’ll find that the Academy resources give you big returns on a small time investment.

To ensure you're not overwhelmed, you'll receive your resources one week at a time.

FAQ: What’s the Miracle Mindset community like?

Our online community is a safe, supportive place to share your challenges and wins. Life doesn’t always hand you the family and friends you need to support your growth. And let’s face it: the Internet can be a cruel place. The Miracle Mindset private online group is a game-changer: compassionate, kind, and thoughtful. We devote time and resources to ensure it stays that way, so you’ll always have somewhere to go to get the support you need. 

Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you’re unhappy with a JJ Virgin product for any reason, just contact us at within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll make it right.

*Your results may vary. Everyone's body and experience are different, but Team JJ will be with you every step of the way