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Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™

  • Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™
  • Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™
  • Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™
  • Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™
  • Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™
Reignite Wellness™

Test AfterSell B-12 Boost™


Daytime alertness and concentration. B12 maintains healthy serotonin levels, which affect the sleep-wake cycle as well as supporting good concentration and alertness throughout the day.

The only source of vitamin B12 is animal foods, making this supplement a must for vegetarians and vegans.

Absorption of this essential nutrient is easily hindered, so supplementation is essential for anyone with stomach issues, those who drink alcohol regularly, people over the age of 50, and keto lovers.

Without enough B12, you’ll feel it: low energy, brain fog, trouble sleeping. B12 supports energy levels by helping your body turn food into usable energy (ATP)

No artificial ingredients. The primary ingredient in B12 Boost is methylcobalamin, a naturally occurring, easily absorbed form of B12.* B12 Boost contains natural berry flavor and the sweetener mannitol (a sugar alcohol that won’t affect blood glucose levels).
Dissolve one lozenge in your mouth daily. Do not chew it — this allows the vitamin to bypass the digestive system and become immediately available to your body.*

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The Little Vitamin That Could


Set yourself up for a healthy cycle of great sleep and energy for days.


Let the neurotransmitters needed for memory and learning flow.


A healthy cardiovascular system is bliss.



B12 is vital for your nervous system and the production of genetic material like DNA and RNA – the building blocks of every single cell in your body.

The science behind why it works:

Most commercial B12 supplements contain synthetic cyanocobalamin, which must be activated by the liver before it can become functional.

However, B12 Boost contains methylcobalamin, the most natural, activated form of vitamin B12 that is better absorbed and has a higher retention rate in the body.*

Support for a healthy nervous system and more.* Long-term B12 deficiency has been linked to depression, anxiety, and increased risk for cardiovascular disease. B12 Boost is made with a pure, high-quality form of B12, and we test at every step of production to prove it.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Q: How long will I need to use B12 Boost?

B12 Boost can safely be taken every day for as long as you want to enjoy its health benefits. If you’re vegetarian, over the age of 50, drink alcohol regularly, or take acid reflux medications, then it’s important for you to work with your healthcare provider to check your B12 levels and find the right level of supplementation.

Q: The bottle label says B12 Boost contains 83,000% of the recommended daily amount. Is that right?

Yes, the bottle label is correct. B12 Boost contains so much more B12 than the US recommended dietary amount is because that recommended amount assumes two things: 1) You are eating sizable portions of meat daily to get B12, and 2) you are absorbing it all correctly. That’s not true for a lot of people, especially those at risk for a B12 deficiency because of age, a vegetarian diet, medication use, or alcohol consumption.

One of the great benefits of vitamin B12 is that your body is able to use exactly what it needs and safely flush the rest out of your system with no harmful side effects.


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