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What is the shelf life?

If it’s all-in-one, then why do I have to add ingredients?

What is the “vegetable fiber”?

Why do you use inulin?

Can these be made the night before? Do they lose any value?

Do we need to add more fiber to the beef option since there is already fiber in the mix?

Can I drink more than 2 shakes per day?

What are the natural flavors in your shakes?

Should I be concerned about the glutamate in your shakes?

Is there any MSG in your shakes?

What’s the difference between The Virgin Diet Shake and The Virgin Diet Plant-Based Shake?

I am on Coumadin. Will the vitamin K in your All-in-One Shake be a problem for me?

Does the chai flavor have caffeine?

Is the chai sprouted?

I heard that chia seeds can exacerbate leaky gut. So why are you recommended them in your shakes?

I’m not a fan of flax or chia seeds in my shake. How else can I get fiber?

You recommend a blender to mix the All-in-One Shakes. But how can I get a blender into my office?

What if I experience gas or bloating after I have a All-in-One Shake?

How much leucine are in your plant-based shakes?

What is the source of vitamin D in your plant-based shakes?

Are beef peptides, beef gelatine, and beef collagen the same things?

How do I prepare my protein shakes?

What makes your protein powder different?

What’s the difference between Paleo-Inspired and Plant-Based shakes?


What’s the shelf life of the bars?

What is the protein source for these bars?

Even though you bill these as protein bars, they seem high in fat. Why so much fat?

Can I use these bars before or after my workout?

What’s up with all that fat?

Can I use these bars before or after my workout?

Tell me about the Mint Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bars

What about fiber?

What’s so special about these types of fiber?

What are prebiotics and why do you use them?

What are the benefits of soluble fiber?

What are the natural sweeteners in these bars?

Are these bars low carb?

Are these bars safe for diabetics?

Why do the bars contain mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract?

Why do you use soy in these bars?


What’s the difference between Hydrolyzyme™ and Virgin Diet Digestive Enzymes?

What’s the shelf life of your App Control

What side effects should be expected when beginning use?

What is pantothenic acid and why is it so high in this product?

Why don’t you take it at dinner time too?

What’s the shelf life of Green Balance?

This product has tapioca maltodextrin. Isn’t maltodextrin a no-go according to the JJ sugar list?

Shouldn’t it be refrigerated?

What’s the shelf life of Leaky Gut Support?

When is the best time of day to take it?

What’s the shelf life of Daily Essentials?

Should I take these at all time or divide them up?

Are the high amounts of Vitamin K safe with kidney issues?

What’s the shelf life of Microbiome Balance?

What’s the shelf life of Digestive Enzymes?

What should I do if I’ve already started eating?

Why doesn’t it have lipase in it?

What’s the shelf life of Omega Ultra?

What's the shelf life of L-Glutamine?

What can it be mixed with?

Best time of day to take?

What’s the shelf life of Sleep Candy?

Is it safe for children?

What’s the shelf life of Vitamin D Plus?

How much Vitamin D is too much?

What’s the difference between packets and Vitamin D Plus?

What's the shelf life of Extra Fiber?

How many servings of fruits and vegetables does one serving of Green Balance contain?

What makes your Digestive Enzymes different than others I’ve used in the past?

The Virgin Diet

What is “natural flavoring”? Is it something I should always avoid or something I can allow in my food occasionally?

How does Bulletproof Coffee work with The Virgin Diet or Sugar Impact Diet?

Can Bulletproof Coffee replace one of my morning protein shakes?

So thrilled I can eat chocolate on this diet! Do you recommend any specific brands?

I have a tree nut allergy and can’t use coconut or almond milk. Any other recommendations?

I drank coconut milk recently and had awful stomach cramps. Is that normal?

I’m on day 5 and having trouble eliminating. What am I doing wrong?

I have a 5-mile run this Saturday and I’m wondering what the best options for carb loading would be on the Sugar Impact Diet.

I’ve read eating too many raw vegetables can create a problem due to their high oxalates content, so why do you recommend so many?

I’ve read both good and bad things about nutritional yeast. How does it fit into The Virgin Diet?

"I want to hear your thoughts: have you ever used nutritional yeast and if so, has it created any problems? "

Sugar Impact Diet

Any strategies about doing Sugar Impact Diet without breaking the bank?

Can you tell me approximately how many carbs, proteins, fat, and calories I should eat?

I actually need to gain weight. As muscle, of course, not fat. Is the Sugar Impact Diet for me?

Is all sugar equal? Coconut sugar, honey. Do we get rid of it all?

In addition to eliminating or reducing sugar in our diet now, what other ways can we repair the damage done by over consuming sugar for decades?

What’s the best way to detox from sugar: cold turkey or gradual?

Sometimes when I eat sugary products as a candy bar my blood glucose the next morning will be much lower than I expected. Why?

Why can some people eat sugar and never be over weight? I mean a lot of sugar, candies, pastries, soda, My grandparents eat it everyday in huge amounts and are in their 90’s and very healthy.

What does “sugar burner” mean?

What are the Sugar Impact Scales?

You mention SID isn’t a no-sugar diet. I thought sugar was bad?

Do you have suggestions about how I can do SID on a budget?

How can I reduce cravings?

I always crave something sweet after eating a meal. Do I learn to deny myself or is there something healthy I can choose?

Help. I’m in Cycle 1 of SID and I have fierce cravings. How can I reduce them?

What is the best way to get back on track after a sugar binge?

If I fail and eat sugar in the afternoon, do I just eat dinner as if nothing happened or skip dinner to reduce the calories since I cheated?

How can I determine whether a packaged food is SID approved?

How do I know if I need one or two weeks in Cycle One?

Can you explain Cycle 1 in a nutshell?

The first time that we’re in Cycle 2, do we give up all the fruit listed in the Low SI category except the one’s that have an asterisk or are they all acceptable?

Why can’t I go directly to Cycle 2?

Can I spend more than 2 weeks in Cycle 2?

Do I need to count in Cycle 2?

Why no fruit in the shakes for Cycle 2?

After I’ve done the intensify week in Cycle 2, how should I proceed?

Can I stay in Cycle 2 forever?

How do I know when I’m ready to start Cycle 3?

I know you don’t count specifically, but what general numbers should I commit to in Cycle 3?

What do you think about [specific plan or expert]?

Can you recommend other protein powder brands?

You encourage breakfast, yet I’ve heard other experts say skipping breakfast is okay and even beneficial.

I’ve heard you criticize juicing and green drinks in interviews. What specifically is wrong with them?

Help. I am following your Plate quota but I’m finding it hard to go 4 – 6 hours between meals.

Are sweeteners such as Truvia okay?

Xylitol kills bad bacteria in the mouth, so would it do the same in the gut?

I’m confused about dairy. Is it ok to have heavy cream, sour cream or other full fat dairy as long as the sugar content is low?

Can you eat Greek yogurt that has fruit in it already or is that loaded with sugars too?

How can you convince your spouse that it is bad for them as well?

Dark chocolate is supposed to be good, but what about the sugar?

As a nurse, don’t take lunch until after 2 p.m. What can I snack on instead of sugary foods like crackers or sweets?

As a nurse, don’t take lunch until after 2 p.m. What can I snack on instead of sugary foods like crackers or sweets?

How are triglycerides and sugar linked? My husband has high cholesterol and I was wondering if going low sugar will help him.

Can I eat as much fruit as I want? Apples and bananas?

How do I quit eating late at night?

How much sugar is in a glass of wine? Am I a better to drink red wine than white wine?

What is the best way to reduce sugar for teenagers?

What do you recommend for quality supplements? I want to stop guessing what to buy at the grocery store and health food stores. Please help me!

I am interested in supplements that help curb sugar cravings.

There appears to be information on the benefits of drinking a glass of water with the juice of a lemon each morning. Does this negatively affect blood glucose levels in a person with pre-diabetes or diabetes?

You talk about lateral shifts in the cookbook. What are some of the best ways to make my favorite foods low-sugar impact?

I notice several recipes use cauliflower as a starch replacement, such as the Cauliflower “Rice” Pilaf. Why does cauliflower make such an ideal replacement for rice and potatoes?

Your salad dressings are so simple to create. Why are homemade dressings so much healthier than store-bought versions?

You give coconut a lot of press in the cookbook. I’ve notice coconut is high in saturated fat, so how is that healthy?

Why should I gradually taper off sugar with these recipes? Wouldn’t it be easier just to completely ditch all sugar at once?

Some of your recipes include quinoa, which experts like William Davis argue is high in carbs. So how can it be low-sugar impact in your cookbook?

You give a lot of space to shakes in your cookbook. Why are they so crucial for breakfast and even as a second meal replacement?

Dr. Mark Hyman calls cooking a revolutionary act of taking back our kitchen and our health. Do you share that philosophy in this cookbook?

Can you explain how the recipes in this cookbook will appeal to both Paleo and vegan camps? After all, they share pretty different philosophies, at least on the surface.

The desserts sound as decadent and delicious as their high-sugar impact versions. What are some of the ways you upgraded these desserts to make them lower-sugar impact?

I love the simplicity and flavor of these recipes. But are they kid friendly? In other words, will I get protests or raves when I serve my family these dishes at the dinner table?

I’m confused about dairy. Is it ok to have heavy cream, sour cream or other full fat dairy as long as the sugar content is low?