Sugar impact Diet Cookbook


Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook is ideal for:

  • Over 150 recipes that make it easy to drop damaging sugars
  • Preparing tasty meals that can help you lose fat fast
  • Freedom from cravings and inflammation caused by sugar
  • Creating your own customized diet and meal plans
  • Establishing a healthy eating routine that fits your life

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The groundbreaking bestseller JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet revolutionized the way we see sugar. Now you can drop damaging sugars without sacrificing tasty food with the easy, delicious recipes in the Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook.

Americans eat more sugar than ever – an average of 135 pounds per person annually. (That’s right, an adult’s weight in sugar EVERY YEAR!) Lowering your sugar impact is essential to losing weight, balancing blood glucose levels, and looking and feeling your best. The problem is that many of these sugars hide inside so-called “healthy” foods.

The Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook is designed to help you melt away fat without missing the foods you love. If you struggle to shed excess pounds – especially around your middle – then hidden sugars in your diet may be to blame. The Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook is your guidebook to making yummy, nutritious meals that lower your sugar impact.

Enjoy more than 150 simple, scrumptious recipes, including mouthwatering breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and sweet-tooth-taming desserts. It’s time to rid yourself of sugar cravings and get off the rollercoaster of mood swings and hunger pangs. With the help of these low-sugar impact recipes, you can reclaim your palate and your health. Not only will you never feel deprived, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to eat so many sickeningly sweet foods!

The Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook provides all of the tools you need to succeed. That includes meal plans, grocery lists, and flexible menus for vegans, vegetarians, and Paleo devotees. This isn’t just about making great food. It’s also about creating a customized, satisfying eating plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Eating food you love is actually essential to dieting success! When you’re unhappy, you release stress hormones that can actually signal your body to feel hungrier and hang on to the weight. The more you enjoy your meals, the easier it is to shed those unwanted pounds and find new energy and freedom.

With the help of the Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook, it’s never been easier to avoid damaging sugars and start on the path to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Want to know more and try some yummy Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook recipes? Check out the FAQs below.

Sugar Impact Diet FAQs

FAQ: Have any Sugar Impact Diet recipes I can try?

Sure! Start with tasty Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook favorites like Garlic Hummus with Lentil Chips, Fresh Fruit with Cinnamon Almond Butter, or Chipotle Deviled Eggs made with Sugar Impact Mayo. The store-bought version of staples like hummus, almond butter, and mayo can hide a multitude of health-damaging sugars. Make your own simple, healthy versions to see how easy it is to lower your sugar impact while still enjoying food that’s family-friendly and satisfying.

FAQ: So the Sugar Impact Diet means eating sugar-free?

Actually, lowering your sugar impact isn’t the same as eliminating sugar altogether. The Sugar Impact Diet lays out a step-by-step process to wean you off the foods with the highest and most damaging sugars – those with the highest sugar impact – so that you can lose weight, drop fat, and improve your health without feeling deprived. By the end of the program, you’ll have all the tools you need to lose weight and reclaim your palate, plus you’ll be armed with important information and lots of great alternatives to satisfy your sweet cravings. (Want more help? Check out the Sugar Impact Diet Online Program.)

FAQ: So how do I know which sugars are okay?

You use something called the “Sugar Impact Scales.” Other diets only look at a food’s carb or calorie count or consider its spot on the glycemic index. But none of those gives you an accurate measurement of how sugar is affecting your weight and overall health. The Sugar Impact Diet takes into account a food’s fructose content, nutrient density, and fiber, as well as how the food affects your blood sugar levels. All of this science is used to create an easy way to categorize foods: high-, medium-, or low-sugar impact. Those categories are the Sugar Impact Scales.

Think of low-SI foods as “green.” You’re good to go on these foods, so eat them regularly. Consider the medium-SI foods yellow: proceed with caution, and incorporate only the amount you can eat and still feel great. When it comes to high-SI foods, you guessed it – stop! Think of them as red. Eat and drink them as a rare treat, and even when you do, you’re likely to feel it. (And not in a good way...)

FAQ: I’ve tried quitting sugar cold-turkey, but the cravings are awful. What can I do?

Sugar is a drug, and right now, it’s America’s drug of choice. If you think that’s overstating it a bit, consider this: sugar is addictive, expensive, and it plays a major role in disease. The more sugar you have, the more you need to get the same high (or even just to function). Without it, you feel awful and your brain is in a fog. And just like every other drug, you can’t quit sugar cold-turkey and expect to be fine. It’s not about willpower – it’s scientific fact!

Consider the Sugar Impact Diet your 12-step sugar program. In it, you’ll learn how to gradually transition off of sugar. No withdrawal, no cravings. When you gradually transition to low-sugar impact foods, you’ll find cravings subside. The Sugar Impact Diet walks you through the best way to taper medium-SI foods out of your diet in Cycle 1, cleanse your system in Cycle 2, and figure out the right amount for you to eat long-term in Cycle 3. It’s customized to your body and your needs.

Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you’re unhappy with a JJ Virgin product for any reason, just contact us at info@jjvirgin.com within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll make it right.

And don’t forget to check out the Reviews tab on this page to find out what customers are saying about the Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook!



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