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No-Churn Chocolate Almond Ripple Protein Ice Cream

This ice cream recipe is the perfect example of a happy accident. I made several test batches of Pro-Whip (a yummy, dairy-free protein whipped cream recipe you can find here) and experimented with using chocolate protein shake in it. On a whim, we decided to put a leftover batch in the freezer, and the result was perfection! It’s creamy like soft serve and just sweet enough to feel as if you’re splurging. And of course when I tasted it, I started thinking about how to make it even better... One of my favorite treats is an extra-thick chocolate shake with crunchy almond butter stirred in – I love the salty-sweet contrast. So I took a guess that this no-churn chocolate protein ice cream would also be irresistible with almond butter swirls. (I was right!) The end result is super-easy to make, full of protein and healthy fats, and utterly guilt-free. You don’t have to feel deprived when the family pulls out cartons of ice cream. And you never have to deal with the gas, bloating, and skin trouble that dairy causes. (More on that in this blog…) Instead, keep a batch of this delicious stuff in your freezer, so you’re ready when that Haagen Dazs craving hits. No more questioning whether dessert is worth the extra pounds. The only real question with this recipe is... should you share?